Friday, February 7, 2014

What should we perform?

I think that the consensus on Amphitrou is pretty apparent. I want to be a team player so I will join the bandwagon. It is light, funny, and interesting. I do think that it is important to consider certain things when making this decision. I myself am interested in doing something that is more well known, mostly for the sake of educating our audience. I want them to walk away with more respect and interest towards the Classics. I feel like we should keep things in their ancient context (costumes, characters, setting, etc.), but I feel like we might have to drop certain ancient conventions of drama (chorus, masks, phaloi, etc.). I want to do an entire play because it will allow us to really do the play right. Although I feel a tragedy would be more emotionally charged, I think that perhaps a comedy is the best way to go for practical purposes. Whatever we do choose, I feel like if we can translate the essence of the work to our audience, we will have been successful.

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