Friday, February 7, 2014

Amphitryon it is!

So it sounds like we have a consensus. I think Amphitryon is a good choice. Margaret brings up a good point about our limitations, and I agree that if we want to give the best, most well-received performance, comedy is probably the way we'll want to go.

Apparently the reading in class (the day I was gone) was very good, and I'm curious, who was reading which parts?

As to my preferences for the rendering, I think it should be that be a balance between formal agreement with the text and modern adaptation. It should definitely be relatable, but we should be careful not to "dumb it down." As long as we avoid overdone adaptation, I think it'll be good. I could see some hybrid of classical dress and some reference to the masks being an interesting decision. Maybe half-masks or hats, or some other such equivalent. Just an idea.

One question I would have though is: considering we're performing at BYU, and the fact that the illicit relations between Jupiter and Alcmena are essential to the end of the plot, how were we thinking we'd treat that portion of the play? I'd be interested to hear some ideas for that.

I'm excited!


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